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Knowing What Calories Look Like

I’ve always been interested in seeing what a portion size is based on calories. After a quick google search, I came up with a great blog post that is certainly worth sharing.

Wise Geek posted this great article entitled: What Does 200 Calories Look Like?
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Speedo Contoured Swim Paddles

Speedo Contour PaddlesSpeedo Contour Paddles

Growing up on the flat paddles, I distinctly remember wrapping my fingers around the top of these to hold them in place as we swam our pull sets. Man how times have changed!

While many new swimmers focus on adding fins to their equipment list first, triathletes should pay close attention to their pull and the time they spend training on their upper body. Unlike both the bike and running legs of the triathlon, the swim portion has a strong focus on the upper body and leveraging the strength of the triathlete’s arms. To do this, triathletes need to focus on their stroke and arm movement. Read the Rest

Triathlon Or Die

A recent Associated Press article reviewed a 21-month study into a series of deaths in triathlons. The article sounds a bit scary for those of us triathletes out there until you really look at the numbers. It 15 deaths in 1,000,000 triathletes. While it is higher than the marathon counterparts and nothing to be scoffed at, the fear it has generated is very misleading.
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New Bike Impact

I have been riding an older chro-moly road bike with clip on aerobars for the past two triathlon seasons. This Schwinn Passage has been very respectable for allowing me to train and race. While I never was able to average over 19 miles an hour in a race or training session even in my best shape, it was a perfect starting bike and one I’m hoping to keep to use on the leisurely family rides.

So this week with the blessing of my wonderful wife, I upped for a new triathlon bike. Read the Rest

Training Log

Counting Counts

As I have begun this weight loss and training in 2009, I have begun the long journey of understanding what I put into my body and the impact this has on my performance and weight loss.

A few quick highlights to share with those that are also struggling with nutrition.

#1) First and foremost, you need to Count Your Calories. Period. This is not an easy task and many people have different techniques for how to do this but everything boils down to the calories you intake and the calories you burn.
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Training with a Cold

Do you or don’t you? I’ve been dealing with a head cold (runny nose, sniffles, headache, mild cough, etc.) I hate being sick. Anyway, as my journey to lose weight and prepare for a lengthy triathlon season, I’m balancing R&R and staying on my workout routine.

The past three mornings I’ve gotten up and into the gym and worked my butt off. No cutting back in the intensity. Was a bit concerned if that was the right tactic. I felt horrible going in to working out, felt great during and right after the workout and felt about as lousy as I did before working out a few hours later. Read the Rest

Finis Z2

Finish Z2Finis Zoomers Z2

These fins are the new rage in swimming training circles. The second generation from Finis has made several improvements since they came out with the original Zoomers but continue to lag in sales due to the ubiquitous nature of the originals.

The benefit of shorter fins is that you can continue to focus on your form and traditional kick. With the longer fins often used in scuba and other swimming environments, your kick is hampered due to the time it takes to move your foot up and down. You become more accustomed to a slower kick cycle that can impact your ability to increase speed during races. Read the Rest

Ramp Up Training

Over the coming weeks I have created a training program I am lovingly referring to as “Ramp Up.” This plan has me working out 8 weeks leading up to the 20 week key program for my Olympic triathlons.

This season will be a good indicator if I’m over-doing it or not. Is 33 weeks of training too much? Do I have too many or too few races planned? Should my drop back weeks be more dropping back?

We’ll see. I’ll work to highlight the training of each week as I move forward and give you all an indication of how it is going. I’m reading insightful triathlon books, listening to podcasts and discussing training topics with a physical trainer and nutritionist. Hopefully you all will find value in these posts. Feel free to share your comments as we move forward with the Need 2 Tri.

– Joel


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