Training with a Cold

Do you or don’t you? I’ve been dealing with a head cold (runny nose, sniffles, headache, mild cough, etc.) I hate being sick. Anyway, as my journey to lose weight and prepare for a lengthy triathlon season, I’m balancing R&R and staying on my workout routine.

The past three mornings I’ve gotten up and into the gym and worked my butt off. No cutting back in the intensity. Was a bit concerned if that was the right tactic. I felt horrible going in to working out, felt great during and right after the workout and felt about as lousy as I did before working out a few hours later.

Did a bit of research into this and wanted to share an interesting article from New York Times.

A quick excerpt:

The investigators found no difference in symptoms between the group that exercised and the one that rested. And there was no difference in the time it took to recover from the colds. But when the exercisers assessed their symptoms, Dr. Kaminsky said, “people said they felt O.K. and, in some cases, they actually felt better.”


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