War on ALS The word is freedom…Freedom from ALS.
The goal…to Destroy ALS.

I lost my close friend Nick Huber to ALS in July of 2008. I had no idea the impact of this devastating disease on the patients, friends and family. After witnessing it first hand this war, I committed to joining the war and working to find the cure. For more information on my connection to ALS and commitment, feel free to read it here.

With my passion for triathlons, I have joined forces with a wonderful organization called Team Blazeman. Team Blazeman is a nationwide team of multisport athletes who compete for a cause larger than themselves. Members of Team Blazeman, known as Blazeman Warriors, help carry out the mission of The Blazeman Foundation for ALS by raising awareness about ALS. As they train and race, Blazeman Warriors raise awareness and commit to attainable fundraising objectives to support cutting-edge scientific research to find the causes and a cure for ALS.

Blazeman Warriors keep the spirit of Jon Blais alive. They show others, and discover themselves, that failure is not an option and to never give up. For that reason, Blazeman Warriors achieve success and fulfillment in their multi-sport endeavors that they never dreamed possible. Blazeman Warriors commemorate Jon’s 2005 Ironman finish by rolling across the finish line to the cheers of spectators, a gesture that has come to symbolize the War on ALS.

What You Can Do

DONATE: As part of joining the Team Blazeman organization, I have agreed to raise funds that are used for a variety of ALS research and awareness activities. Bob Blais talked about the great efforts around harvesting and dispersing ALS tissue to assist ALS researchers to have the best tools to help battle this disease. I committed to raise an additional $1,000 in 2011 and need your help to get there.

Please Donate Here

RACE WITH ME: All you endurance athletes from 5k to marathon, from sprint triathlete to Ironman, I would love for you all to join me in this effort. You can join the Need2Tri team. Team Blazeman ranges in cost for $50 to $250 and includes a variety of gear to help you share the message. Fundraising commitment ranges from $0 to $1,000. Below is the link to the team’s site. If you do decide to join, make sure to join team Need2Tri. Please contact me at with any questions.

Team Blazeman Registration

I am currently scheduled for the following events this season:
5/21 Fargo Marathon
7/24 Chisago Half Ironman
8/19 – 8/20 Ragnar Relay
9/10 Burrito 10 Hour Triathlon

Please let me know if you can attend and help cheer on the Need2Tri team and raise ALS awareness. If you are unable to attend, mark your calendars and say a few prayers and send a few thoughts my way.

Now give your eyes a rest. Thank you so much for reading through this and helping me on this journey. Don’t hesitate to e-mail me or keep an eye on my triathlon training at

God Bless,
Joel Haugen