How Many Calories Do I Need?

Depending on your current body type and your level of activity, the recommended 2000 calories per day by USDA may be too few or too many.

I have now lost over 40 pounds since the holidays. I know this is an extreme fat loss and I’ve been doing it by eating healthy, exercising six days a week and keeping my calories to around 1500 per day. Now that I am getting close to my goal weight I began to wonder what my calorie intake should be to increase my energy levels, fuel the strenuous workouts I continue to do and maintain my weight (or at least slow down the weight loss).

The wonders of Google had me come across this great Calorie Calculator at

This tool should not be taken as gospel but it certainly provides a good foundation for those looking to get an understanding of the level of calories they should be consuming on a daily basis.

Take a look and let me know what you think.


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