Why do I gain while he/she loses?

One of the common conundrums of Triathletes is maintaining weight. Two important areas to consider as part of that is what kinds of food should you be eating (which varies by individual) and when should you be eating (is it good to shed a few pounds before a big race?)

I came across two great articles that are well worth the time. This first article discusses the reasons behind why some people gain weight on a particular diet while others shed them like there’s no tomorrow. The article makes a great case for how you can match up to a diet that will help you specifically lose weight.
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Training with a Cold

Do you or don’t you? I’ve been dealing with a head cold (runny nose, sniffles, headache, mild cough, etc.) I hate being sick. Anyway, as my journey to lose weight and prepare for a lengthy triathlon season, I’m balancing R&R and staying on my workout routine.

The past three mornings I’ve gotten up and into the gym and worked my butt off. No cutting back in the intensity. Was a bit concerned if that was the right tactic. I felt horrible going in to working out, felt great during and right after the workout and felt about as lousy as I did before working out a few hours later. Read the Rest